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Travels through India  India is indeed Incredible!
By Patricia Pomerleau
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On the Road to Jodhpur: Photos

Great forts
December 26th:

This morning we head out to the airport to head to Jodhpur, our driver will meet us there.

Our flight is purported to be "on time" ("on time" being a relative term in India). The flight monitors have ads with Persian cats dancing around interspersed with occasional flight information, but always missing gate information. Electricity randomly going off and on in the terminal. However, we are getting use to IST (India Stretch Time) and people watching in the airport can be pretty interesting.

The "on time" flight rolls in about 90 minutes late. Cowboy Bob is not the pilot. Things are looking up..... The flight between Jaipur and Jodhpur is around 40 minutes and they actually serve a meal. They're quick. An interesting behavior I have noticed on these flights in how many times Indians put on the flight attendant call light. In the US, you don't dare push the flight attendant light unless the passenger next to you is having a heart attack. On Indian Airlines, the call lights are being pushed constantly and the flight attendants take it in stride. I realize that this is an inconsequential finding, but I love discovering these tiny differences in cultures.

Check into the Taj Hari Mahal Hotel in Jodhpur. More strings of mums, mystery juice and more tikkas on our forehead, but we are getting used to these things now and graciously accept( you should always accept the juice, even if you don't drink it--just keep talking and put it in front of you on the table. They keep you busy signing things and checking things so no one will notice you didn't drink the juice). I drank the juice in every hotel and never had a minute of stomach upset.

Other than drinking bottled water and not eating street food, I am just living normally in India and the GI tract is doing just fine. The food is so magnificent, I think I have put on a pound or two. I can't believe I might have actually GAINED weight in India. Garlic naan, yum.

I loved this Taj Hari Mahal hotel! It was great. Rooms are huge. Pool is gorgeous.

We have a fabulous guide in Jodhpur. He showed up dressed all in black with black Jodhpur pants and great camel leather shoes. Off to Mehrangar Fort, which is my favorite fort of all the ones we saw. It literally takes your breath away. You look down upon the ancient "blue city" of the Brahmins.
Permalink | Posted by Patricia Pomerleau on Sunday, January 22, 2006