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Travels through India  India is indeed Incredible!
By Patricia Pomerleau
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Aurangubad Caves: Photos

12th century Ellora caves
January 3rd:

Today we spend the day walking around Bombay by ourselves. Found a great store called "Fab India" which has branches all over India. It was founded by an American in the 1960's who married an Indian. Great fabrics by the yard and shirts and stuff, unbelievably cheap. If you are decorating a home, I would fly to Delhi (a bigger Fab India store than Bombay), I would buy everything for the house. You would save so much money the trip would be paid for 10 times over.

It was a nice day just walking without any guides and without a plan.

Took a plane to Arangubad late afternoon. Transferred to Taj Regency, which is the best hotel in Arangubad. Quite nice--like a Sheraton. Wireless internet in every room. Had buffet dinner (yes, we are eating absolutely everything from the buffet tables now, including sliced fruit, dessert, you name it). I think the buffet warnings have been exaggerated, but that is just my experience. We are now brushing our teeth with tap water (kept forgetting anyway), eating from buffets with abandon and not worrying. We have not had one minute of illness--either of us.

January 4th:

Visited Ellora caves that are only a 45minute ride outside of Arangubad. Astounding caves, but would have probably skipped them for Goa or Kerala. Have great pictures. However, we are glad we made the decision to skip Ajanta. They are over a two hour ride and I have had just about enough of caves. They are great, but begin looking alike. Yes, I know there are cave purists that would disagree, but that is my opinion as a non-cave fanatic. My bottom was gropped for the only time in India at the Ellora caves. Go figure.

Back to the hotel and spent the afternoon by the pool.
Permalink | Posted by Patricia Pomerleau on Sunday, January 22, 2006