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Maps for Business and just for Fun!
Use maps to enhance your blog.
By Patricia Pomerleau
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Examples of maps you can embed on your blog

Below you will find five examples of the way you can use Google maps within your blog.    They include both business and personal uses. 

To see a map integrated with a blog, just click on the "Indochina Blog" tab above and scroll down to the second post.  Click on the markers to see descripitons and pictures.  

How do you add a map?  It's easy. To get started: sign into your blog and click "Add Google Map". (next to "add post".  See graphic to the right) 

The first time you add a map you will be prompted to set up a google "key"    Just follow the prompts--it takes only a minute and is easy.   Then you can add all the addresses you want as well as set your "master settings"    As you can see below, you can set different defaults for each map.  

Directions on using and having fun with the maps are found next to each map below.

Permalink | Posted by Patricia Pomerleau on Thursday, September 11, 2008