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Maps for Business and just for Fun!
Use maps to enhance your blog.
By Patricia Pomerleau
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Using a map for Real Estate Sales

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If you are selling your home or another building or house, use the CEOExpressions blog to highlight the neighborhood.  

In this case  I have chosen an "X-large" map (in "map settings" under the manage google maps link, ) and set on on "map view".  You can set your map to default to "map", Satelitte, or hybrid.   Your end users also have the controls to toggle between options at the top of the map.

Just click on "manage google map" and add as many addresses as you want any where in the world.

I set up this map for the building where the CEOExpress offices are located as my "primary" marker.  There is space to rent in this building and I am pretending to be the leasing agent.  I have set the map to be a close zoom.   You can set the map at any deafault zoom setting you would like using the "master settings" in your google map link at the top of each post.  Your end users have the zoom tools as well in the upper left corner of the map.

As soon as you have more than one address, you will get a drop down menu on your map.  I have also set up a marker to "Harvard University"    Use the dropdown to see how to get from "One Broadway" to the "Harvard" site.  Toggle between "map" and "Satellite"  and "Hybrid"

Click on the markers and see the information and photos you can add.

You can even link to another document or webpage for more information.

You can also add "driving directions"  to each marker if you wish when you are setting up the address.

You can choose different markers.   You can set a "default" marker, but then you can choose a different marker for each location.   Note the building maker for "one broadway" and the bubble marker for "Harvard"

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